oily skincare

Speaking about skin care tips, there are actually so much to mention and you’ll just get crazy over those tons of skin care hints when you tend to follow every single detail. Practically, there are just some sorts of things that may apply to you and could not be even helpful for some, or vice versa. Don’t confuse yourself or else, you’ll just end up having hard time in dealing with your skin. Take note, it’s not just about how many tips you are doing for your skin but it is always about the quality of taking excellent care with your coat.

Always be reminded that a very good skin starts from feeling so good in the inside, and being excellent in the inside eventually will just show up outside. Again, your goal here is not just to maintain alluring and appealing skin, but more significantly to keep your skin ultimately healthy. When possessed both, you simply can face the world with higher confidence and poise.

Here are the all-time common, convenient and “a-must” skincare clues which will truly help you achieve ultimate skin health and beauty.

  1. Maintain in eating healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables
  2. Get hydrated, drink more water at least 8 glasses a day
  3. Get some rest, sleep better
  4. Exercise regularly, at least 4 to 5 days a week
  5. Avoid stress, choose to be happy
  6. Stimulate your brain, sharpen your mind by reading books, doing arts, and explore
  7. Less coffee, more on tea like ginger tea or green tea
  8. Avoid too much alcohol
  9. Definitely quit smoking
  10. Apply the five basic skin care routine:
  • cleanse
  • exfoliate
  • tone
  • moisturize
  • protect 
  1. Take or put on vitamins which are good for the skin:
  • Vitamin A is awesome for fighting wrinkles, it is one of the best age-fighter
  • Vitamin B3 is ideal for redness, through boosting skin hydration
  • Vitamin C which serves as antioxidants, an all-around anti-ager element
  • Vitamin E is absolutely perfect for skin moisture
  • Vitamin K for younger, brighter eyes by reducing under-eye imperfections
  • Omega 3 supplements which are super beneficial to skin health and hair 
  1. Always put on sunscreen protection to your face and other parts of your body which cannot be avoided to be exposed under the sun.
  1. As much as possible, avoid white sugar intake, because it contributes to fast aging.
  2. If possible, Wear less makeup or just go bare, to prevent stressing your skin from harsh chemicals from cosmetics that are pat all day in your face.
  1. Eat chocolates seriously, sounds weird but dark chocolates are loaded with antioxidant properties which definitely helps in protecting the skin, and stimulates your brain as well.
  1. For a super skin, take a snack break of munching almonds, a good source of omega 3 and vitamin E that helps skin cells plump and healthy.
  1. Value your hands, it’s not only the face that counts, remember that your hands are one of the “show off” parts of your body, so use exfoliating scrubs and hand care creams.
  1. Apply BeetRoot Juice, a type of antioxidant that helps prevents stress. Squeeze juice and apply to face for about 5 minutes.
  1. Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth. Honey can help you promote new tissue growth. It is Also considered as an antiseptic.
  1. Massage Mustard Oil to your skin. It supports to whiten the skin and fights acne.